The Electric Bike Becomes the Popular Christmas Gift in Sweden

As the awareness about climate change is increasing people are becoming more and more protective towards mother nature. Whatever you take, beauty products, appliances everything we use in our daily life are becoming environmentally friendly.


The automobile industry has started manufacturing eco-friendly vehicles. The majority of them are electrically operated vehicles. Now there is a trend of electric bikes and scooters which are spreading all over the world. As December is approaching so as Christmas. Every Christmas brings a new Christmas gift trend. In Sweden, people had gifted their friend’s electric bikes as a Christmas present in 2017.

That was trending at that time in Sweden. People were also happy about that and one of them also said that it was like an honor for them to show it to their families and friends. People of Sweden are very excited about electric bikes and many of them want to buy one for them and think about their happiness when they will receive one as a Christmas gift. According to a survey in Sweden, about 54% of people wish to get an electric bike as a festival present.

Things to consider before gifting your loved ones an electric bike

It is a great thing to gift your loved ones an electric bike specially when they are wishing to buy one. But, choosing an electric bike is not a piece of cake. There are a lot of things to keep in mind before buying. There are many options available in the market. There are some electric bikes which look clumsy and some look out of fashion. You will never want to gift those electric bikes to your loved ones.

Try to find an electric bike which is light and simple. So that you can carry them easily and riding will be smooth. It must have a catchy design just in case your friend wants to flaunt it in front of their friends and family. If your budget is 1000 pounds or around it then you can buy the best electric bikes under £1000 – A-List by 9Bikes, Leading Electric Bike Blog in UK.

If you are looking for a suggestion then you can go with DYU electric folding bike. It will be a classy one for your loved ones and obviously there are reasons to buy it.

Here are the 3 reasons:-

1. Stylish appearance

It has a sleek design that looks beautiful and loved by many. Most popular is the new dolphin shape smooth design which is the highest-selling design.

2. Lightweight

It is small and it is easy to use due to its lightweight. It weighs just 13 kg which is very light and kids around 10 years of age can easily pick it up. Its lightweight material from which it is made makes it light.

3. Electricity-pedal hybrid power system applied.

One bike two advantages. You can paddle it as a kind of exercise or workout. When you are tired then it’s electricity will carry you home fast and furious. It is worth to buy it.

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