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7 Ways to See Movies for Cheap or Free!

Everyone loves a great flick. Whether you are into comedies, romance, action, or sci-fi, it seems like there are new movies coming out all of the time to entertain you. Movies take us away from life for a few hours and let us slip into a world that is fun, exciting, or just different from our day to day grind. But you may have noticed that all of this comes at a price. The cost of a movie ticket can run upwards of $12 each for an adult, and the average On Demand rental for most cable companies is around $6 a flick. If you really love movies, you can easily go broke trying to see all of the films that catch your eye. Well no worries, because luckily there are plenty of ways to save on movies. Below, you will find 7 ways to see movies for cheap or free.


That’s right, FREE! Take a peek!

7 Ways To See Movies for Cheap or Free:

1. Be mindful of your timing.

When it comes to saving money on movies, timing is everything. Of course if you see a matinee, you are going to save about half off of your ticket price. If you visit on a designated discount day (for example some theatres might do half price Wednesdays) you can easily save a few bucks. Find out when these specials are so you can time your visits accordingly.

2. Become a Swagbucks member.

Swagbucks allows you to take surveys and earn points which you can then redeem on Fandango gift cards. The gift cards are good for purchasing your tickets via the web to thousands of theatres nationwide. Take a few surveys a day and you will be earning gift cards in no time, which equates to FREE movies! Visit Swagbucks to learn more.

3. Look for holiday gift card deals.

Kill two birds with one stone when you take advantage of holiday gift card deals. For example, a theatre may offer a free $10 gift card when you buy $50 worth. When you take advantage of these deals you can gift some and keep some. It is like being rewarded for treating others to some movie magic.

4. Use credit card perks.

Many credit cards offer movie perks such as presale specials and discounts. Call your credit company and see if they offer any movie theatre perks such as these, or if your spending points (if applicable) are usable on movie tickets.

5. Be patient.

A new release will always cost you more to see than if you wait for a movie to be a few weeks old. By then, the film may be in a dollar or discount theatre where you can see it for less while still enjoying the big screen experience.

6. Hit up the Red Box.

The Redbox rental system is amazing. You can rent new releases for less than $1.50 a day and have the convenience of being able to return it to any Redbox machine. The best part is, Redbox is ALWAYS running free promo codes. We always post any currently available Redbox promo codes, so check our Redbox page before you rent and possibly get your movie for FREE.

7. Become a loyalty member.

Like most businesses, most theatres offer a loyalty program. If yours does, be sure you sign up so you can start earning free rewards and perks. You may also want to check out the website and Facebook page of your favorite theatre to see what other perks may be available that you don’t know about.

When you give these tips a try, you can easily lay your eyes on some fantastic flicks for less. So what are you waiting for? Take these tips and grab a box of popcorn…it’s movie time!