How to Wear boxer briefs properly?

Boxers are the new trends for men fashion. Now every man wants to wear boxers to look cool but Do you really know how to wear boxers properly? This is a question you must ask yourself before switching to boxers. Today, in this article we will be discussing with you the best ways to wear boxers and the benefits on the wearing of boxers for your health. So let’s start with it without wasting a second.

boxer briefs

Today, the most trending styles are boxer briefs, thongs, briefs and boxers. Boxer briefs as the name suggests are the combination of boxer and briefs. Briefs provide a great support and boxers cover a large area and therefore, boxer briefs do both the work. You don’t have to look for boxer and briefs separately for different events. Rather buy a boxer brief and chill out at any event.

Let’s go through the ways to wear and its benefits in detail: –

Wear boxers to appeal your opposites

Maybe you would be thinking your entire life that wearing tight underwears increases your appeal towards women but it is not correct. Tight underweares are little casual now. And women always look for mystery, they don’t like seeing your shape from above. Rather they want to see a surprise which is hidden inside.

Boxers come in different colors and sizes and it look cool as well as professional. You can choose accordingly for professional wear as well as casual wear where you can even take off your pants and look cool.

Wearing boxers hide your Flaws

It’s cool for those men who are not confident with their body and can hide their imperfections easily. If you have got a belly which is not perfect, then you can hide with the boxer briefs. Let’ be little open, and if you have your scrotum saggy then it can hide it easily. You do not have to face any issue with it.

Suppose you are wearing a tight Frenchie and your body shape is not good then let me tell you that women do not like you. So you must have an underwear which is more according to your body shape and makes you look cool. These boxer briefs do the same for you.

Choose the right fabric for you

Briefs are limited when it comes to fabrics whereas boxer briefs comes in a large number of fabrics. This is useful as you can decide the fabric according to your body odour and sweating amount. If you sweat much then you must go for a cotton fabric which absorbs large amount of sweat and don’t make you pants get wet. You can have change in fabrics for offices and for parties and morning walks accordingly.

Choosing the right colour

Remember that the sizes are different for American and European brands. So if you are choosing boxers for you then you must first go for size chart and then make your decision. If you purchase a large size then it may not look good on you and can even make you less confident around. Boxers come in different colour waist bands.

So if you wear jeans where your waist band is visible then choose wisely as it may not look good always. This might look a little unprofessional for many people.

7 Tips for Avoiding a Coupon Crisis

We have all been there: that awful moment when your carefully planned check out is just not working as you expected. You carefully made your shopping list, you matched up your coupons to your sales, you carefully clipped each one, and yet you are running into some issues. It could be that the cashier is giving you a difficult time, it could be that the register won’t scan the coupon, it could be any number of things.

Well all of these scenarios can cause a lot of stress and make you want to forget about couponing, but they don’t have to. Below, you will find 7 tips for avoiding a coupon crisis. The next time you find yourself in a coupon crisis, give these tips a try and see how easy it is to keep your cool and complete the transaction.

7 Tips for Avoiding a Coupon Crisis:

1. Know the coupon policy of each store.

You should know the coupon policy of each store you shop at. By knowing this information, you can best plan your shopping strategy while making sure you know all of the rules and are abiding by them.

2. Carry the policy with you.

Keep a copy of the store’s coupon policy on you so you can reference it if there are any problems. You can find the store’s coupon policy on their website. Just print it off and place it in your coupon binder.

3. Keep free coupon items to the back of the line.

When checking out, place the items you have free coupons for at the back of the line. This way, it is easier for the cashier to pull up the price when she needs to enter it. It can easily help you avoid waiting 5 minutes per product while the cashier scans the receipt for the price.

4. Be patient.

Just like the cashier should be patient with you when you are pulling out all of your coupons, be patient with them. They may need to read each coupon before scanning it. Many stores will charge the cashier if they take a coupon that is not valid, so respect the fact that they need to be vigilant. Take a deep breath and just relax.

5. Request a manager when needed.

If you are sure a cashier is in the wrong, whether it be about the store’s coupon policy or the total of your bill, kindly ask to speak to a manager. Be prepared to show the product, the coupon, and the coupon policy. Kindness and patience will go a long way as well!

6. No deal is ever final.

If a cashier (or even manager) is not honoring a coupon, or insists that your total is correct, you are never obligated to buy the item or even complete the sale. Kindly ask them to take the item off, or for your coupons back. Thank the cashier for their time and take your coupons elsewhere.

7. Put out good coupon karma.

If you have a patient shopper waiting in line behind you while your coupons are being scanned, why not share the wealth? See if you have any coupons for the items they are buying and pass some along. It is a nice gesture that will show thanks for their patience.

As you can see, keeping informed, organized, and calm are all great ways to avoid coupon crisis. Give these tips a try and you can enjoy a smoother and more effective check out on your next shopping trip.

Educational Resources to Improve Summer Retention – Incentivized Learning (Part 2)

Incentivized learning can be a helpful tool in re-energizing your child’s interest in a subject and helping curb the dreaded “Summer Slide.” Of course, if you don’t agree with it, you won’t like this post! And that’s ok! But for those of you whose children respond well to reward based learning, particularly in frustrating subjects like reading, these programs may inspire your child to try a little harder. There are several achievement based reward programs available throughout the summer to keep kids engaged and help them master basic educational skills. Plus, they don’t cost you anything. Just keep track of your child’s progress and redeem the offer when (s)he’s finished.

Barnes & Noble (Grades 1-6) – Have your child read any 8 books, list them in the printable Reading Journal, and bring the completed form to your local Barnes & Noble store to choose a free book from the selection on the Reading Journal list.

Pottery Barn Kids Summer Reading Challenge (under 10) – Free book when your child reads 8 books from the list by July 17th. They also have in store activities like character appearances, dress-up events, and Story Time on Tuesdays from 11-11:30am. Plus, sign up for the book club and your little one will receive a passport at the first story time session. Attend five story times and your child will receive a special gift.

TD Bank (K-5th) – If you happen to live along the eastern seaboard, you’re probably familiar with TD Bank. They also have a summer reading program that’s a little bit different. As a practical saver myself, I like this incentive a LOT. Have your child read 10 books and keep track of them in the summer reading log. Then, bring the completed form to a local TD Bank by August 31, 2014 and $10 will be deposited into a Young Saver account for your child. If your child doesn’t have a Young Saver account, bring a valid form of ID to open one. Once your child has reached this goal, (s)he’s encouraged to continue earning, all the way up to $50, with a printable savings chart. There are three spots on this chart for your child to write in what’s driving her to save. I can only hope my children would say the #1 item is college and not a Minecraft accessory! Gah. 😉

Chuck E Cheese – They have reward calendars to download and print. This is an easy one. All you have to do is keep track of your child’s goal achievement on the calendar. When the month is finished (and the achievement is met), bring the calendar to Chuck E Cheese and your child will receive 10 free tokens.

Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge – This is an online reading program. Have your child read and log minutes spend reading. Then, complete online challenges by reaching weekly minute milestones, and earn virtual rewards. There is also an opportunity to win books every time a weekly reading milestone is met.

Pizza Hut Book It! Summer Reading Challenge (Spark Your Greatness) – Since your child will be doing all of this reading, you may as well double down on the rewards with a possible sweepstakes win! If your child has read 5 books, enter her to win great prizes. For example, the Grand Prize for this offer includes a Tote Bag, $50 Pizza Hut Gift Card, 1 Autographed Diary of a Wimpy Kid Hardback Book, Book 1, 1 set of Diary/Wimpy Kid Hardback Book, Books 2-8 (7 Books), 1 Diary/Wimpy Kid DIY Journal, 1 set of Your Best Ideas Notebook (3 notebooks). They also have monthly activity calendars on their Instagram Scavenger Hunt where other prizes can be won.

Sylvan Book Adventure (K-8) – Kids can search the site for books, read them, then come back to the site and take a quiz. Upon successful completion, your child can earn prizes for reading as well as comprehending and retaining the book details!

Now, these last freebies aren’t tied to academic performance, but you can use them to your advantage as your child meets his/her target educational goals or simply for exercise! That’s important, too.

Kids Skate Free – Free rollerskating is offered at select rinks that partner with Select and join (for free) a skating rink near you, and you’ll be able to redeem your vouchers for free skate offers on the available days and times listed. You can use this all summer long. And if a local skating rink doesn’t participate near you, print this form so they can fill it out if they’re interested. They likely don’t know this program exists.

Kids Bowl Free – Register your child and receive 2 free games of bowling DAILY (subject to local availability) at participating bowling centers near you – all summer long.

Of course, you can always create your own incentive! My son is in the middle of a 6 week intensive study of Michigan’s role in the Revolutionary War as we prepare for our trip to Mackinac Island, Mackinaw City, and St. Ignace for July 4th (among other pre-Algebra and Chemistry experiments, of course). When we return, and assuming he completes his activities, I have promised to buy him Minecraft for the PC. With this target goal in mind, I don’t have to ask him to do his work each day. As I said before, though, this technique isn’t for everyone. Personally, and as I do each year, I have made it clear to my son that this is a summer incentive only. In the fall and winter, he doesn’t receive any kind of bonus except standard vacation breaks, but that is incentive enough for him!

7 Ways to See Movies for Cheap or Free!

Everyone loves a great flick. Whether you are into comedies, romance, action, or sci-fi, it seems like there are new movies coming out all of the time to entertain you. Movies take us away from life for a few hours and let us slip into a world that is fun, exciting, or just different from our day to day grind. But you may have noticed that all of this comes at a price. The cost of a movie ticket can run upwards of $12 each for an adult, and the average On Demand rental for most cable companies is around $6 a flick. If you really love movies, you can easily go broke trying to see all of the films that catch your eye. Well no worries, because luckily there are plenty of ways to save on movies. Below, you will find 7 ways to see movies for cheap or free.


That’s right, FREE! Take a peek!

7 Ways To See Movies for Cheap or Free:

1. Be mindful of your timing.

When it comes to saving money on movies, timing is everything. Of course if you see a matinee, you are going to save about half off of your ticket price. If you visit on a designated discount day (for example some theatres might do half price Wednesdays) you can easily save a few bucks. Find out when these specials are so you can time your visits accordingly.

2. Become a Swagbucks member.

Swagbucks allows you to take surveys and earn points which you can then redeem on Fandango gift cards. The gift cards are good for purchasing your tickets via the web to thousands of theatres nationwide. Take a few surveys a day and you will be earning gift cards in no time, which equates to FREE movies! Visit Swagbucks to learn more.

3. Look for holiday gift card deals.

Kill two birds with one stone when you take advantage of holiday gift card deals. For example, a theatre may offer a free $10 gift card when you buy $50 worth. When you take advantage of these deals you can gift some and keep some. It is like being rewarded for treating others to some movie magic.

4. Use credit card perks.

Many credit cards offer movie perks such as presale specials and discounts. Call your credit company and see if they offer any movie theatre perks such as these, or if your spending points (if applicable) are usable on movie tickets.

5. Be patient.

A new release will always cost you more to see than if you wait for a movie to be a few weeks old. By then, the film may be in a dollar or discount theatre where you can see it for less while still enjoying the big screen experience.

6. Hit up the Red Box.

The Redbox rental system is amazing. You can rent new releases for less than $1.50 a day and have the convenience of being able to return it to any Redbox machine. The best part is, Redbox is ALWAYS running free promo codes. We always post any currently available Redbox promo codes, so check our Redbox page before you rent and possibly get your movie for FREE.

7. Become a loyalty member.

Like most businesses, most theatres offer a loyalty program. If yours does, be sure you sign up so you can start earning free rewards and perks. You may also want to check out the website and Facebook page of your favorite theatre to see what other perks may be available that you don’t know about.

When you give these tips a try, you can easily lay your eyes on some fantastic flicks for less. So what are you waiting for? Take these tips and grab a box of popcorn…it’s movie time!

Educational Resources to Improve Summer Retention – Incentivized Learning

The kids may have another school year nearly behind them, but you certainly don’t want them forgetting everything they learned by September! Even when I was in school, I remember spending the first month or two of my school year doing nothing more than reviewing the previous year. Because of this, I thought I’d compile some wonderful resources for you to use this summer to help keep your child’s learning on track. These are resources I’ve used myself as a homeschooling Mom, so I can vouch for their efficacy outside of the classroom.

1.) Time4Learning (PreK-12) – We use this program routinely and have for years for Math, Social Studies, Language Arts, and Science. It offers interactive animated characters who present the information in a manner that enhances understanding. There are quizzes and multiple choice problems, games, reading, writing activities, etc. The consistency and familiarity of the way the information is presented grade after grade, subject after subject, is also immensely helpful. There is no adaptation to style necessary for your child to learn each topic. You can also skip ahead with this program. For example, my son is registered for 4th grade, but we use 5th grade resources routinely. Third through fifth are available to us with the fourth grade package.

And now through June 30th, Time4Learning is offering half off your first month. The regular rates are $19.95/student per month ($9.98 through June) for PreK- 8th Grade ($14.95 for each additional student – $7.47 through June) and $30 ($15 through June) for High School/student per month (includes 4 courses)

Take a look at the demonstrations they have available. Simply choose your child’s grade and you can see what your children will see. Another bonus to this program is that you can cancel at any time or even suspend the program if you’ll be taking a break.

2.) IXL Math and English (PreK-8 Math + Algebra 1, Algebra 2 & Geometry/English for select grades)– We also use this program as a supplemental activity. I wouldn’t recommend it for primary learning as it requires understanding to do the problems and answer the questions. It’s more like flash cards and timed quizzes. It has questions like, “Look at the adjective. Does it tell you what kind or how many?” Well, to answer this, you have to know what an adjective is in the first place. So if you need a reinforcement tool, I highly recommend this program. If you’re looking for instructional basics, this isn’t for you unless you’ll be doing some guided learning activities yourself.

3.) Summer Bridge Books (Grades PreK-8) – I love these Summer Bridge Activity Books. They’re transitional books designed specifically to prepare your child for the grade they’ll be entering and retain what was learned in the previous year. The activities correspond to the length of time they’ll be off school and it takes just 15 minutes to complete the daily activities. They’re fun and engaging workbooks.

4.) ABC Mouse (ages 2-6) – They’re offering a free one month trial of their early learning program. This program will help your child get ready for school with educational books, games, and traceables, as well as an interactive farm and zoo to visit and explore. You can read more about it in a post I wrote last year.

5.) Scholastic Teacher Express – There are so many fabulous $1 ebooks here. You’ll find everything from Math to History and every subject in between. There are Read-Aloud plays and Hands-On History lessons and Math Origami all the way down to the basics like, “Follow the Directions!” Plus, you can use the code DAA10STE to save 10% on your $20 purchase making each one just 90¢ when you buy 20 of them. While you’re there, you can grab a free downloadable Weather Report Chart to help younger children get a handle on the weather changes over the summer. There are also free monthly samplers available to download, too.

And you know, not all kids are naturally motivated to learn. Who knew?!? Hah! In my next post, we’ll talk about some incentivized summer programs out there to reward kids for a job well done. That’ll help get ‘em moving in the right direction. When we’ve finished covering that, we’ll talk about free learning resources that are available for you to use if you’re cash strapped.